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Last October, Mediate BC launched the first ever province-wide Conflict Resolution Week in BC.  Modelled on a number of Mediation Week initiatives in the United States and in other provinces, #ConResWeek2014 was a wonderful opportunity for BC’s conflict resolution professionals to work together to increase public awareness of collaborative decision-making processes.  It was exciting to see the large number of initiatives across the province, and inspiring to note just how many mediators managed to collaborate within their own home communities to promote the practice, as opposed to the individual practitioner.  (While the catchphrase for the week was #Let’sTalkItOut, in many ways the collaborative process of shared public outreach might have fit even more with the phrase #WalktheTalk).

In thinking about how we could contribute to ConResWeek most effectively, Wendy Lakusta and I chose to try something relatively new for us – the development of a series of short videos (released daily during the week) that brought in experts in a variety of practice areas in order to explore the ways in which mediation can be adapted to varied contexts and problems.  We chose to look at the following subject areas in an effort to show a range of contexts in which mediation can be effective:

  • Family
  • Collaborative Family Practice
  • Strata Disputes
  • Wills and Estates
  • Small Business
  • Workplace

This series, Mediation Works, is hosted by CoRe Conflict Resolution Society and videos are available on their website or through the CoRe Youtube channel.

The very positive reception of these videos, and the particular interest shown in topics related to families, led Wendy and I to develop a second series of 6 videos with a focus on narrower topics related to Family Conflict Resolution.  This series, Family Matters, is being released once a month this spring and summer.  You can be sure to see each new video as it comes out by subscribing to CoRe’s Youtube channel.

Here’s the most recent release in the series: Lawyer Matt Ostrow joins Wendy and me in discussing LGBT Family Conflict Resolution.



Are you interested in specific topics in mediation or collaborative decision-making?  Wendy and I will be planning a third series of videos for release during Conflict Resolution Week 2015.  What topics would you like to hear about?  Let us know at


About corejolts

CoRe Jolts is written by Sharon Sutherland, mediator, lawyer and Vice President of the CoRe Conflict Resolution Clinic. CoRe Jolts is a fundraising project for the CoRe Conflict Resolution Society, a registered charity.
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