Zombie Fight or Flight launches on Kickstarter!

zombie-11For the past few months, I have been working with a group of colleagues – mediators, lawyers, and creatives from other fields – to develop a collaborative card game.  I’ve written elsewhere about hosting Game Jams and the potential that I see in collaborative games to support teamwork and shift our thinking about fun games to include games that everyone wins or loses as a team. Zombie Fight or Flight grew out of one such Game Jam held in Tsawwassen in June 2016.

Amongst other game making goals at that Game Jam, two of us hoped to create a simple, fast-playing collaborative game that might be used in a Continuing Legal Education Society course we will be facilitating on Halloween – Negotiation Skills for the Zombie Apocalypse.  We were quickly joined in the game play by others as participants decided to alternate focus between two games.  The result was that Zombie Fight or Flight underwent a highly collaborative development process and is a much better game for everyone’s contributions!

PignPotato Games (made up of 7 of the Game Jammers) has just launched its Kickstarter campaign for Zombie Fight or Flight!

We started by hiring Rachel Petrovicz to create amazing art for the cards, and have continued to test and improve the game over the past few months.  In the process, we’ve developed both ideas for classroom uses (for grades 3-12) and trainers’ notes for using the cards in conflict resolution and negotiation training.


The Kickstarter campaign will run until November 26th, but some rewards are limited in number, so check the campaign out soon if you’re interested in custom artwork, custom ceramics, or conflict resolution training and game jams!

Zombie Fight or Flight and Drunken Zombie Fight or Flight decks are available to ship worldwide, but if you’re in Vancouver, want to save shipping costs and can pick up on December 17th, make sure you choose the “without shipping option”.


About corejolts

CoRe Jolts is written by Sharon Sutherland, mediator, lawyer and Vice President of the CoRe Conflict Resolution Clinic. CoRe Jolts is a fundraising project for the CoRe Conflict Resolution Society, a registered charity.
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