New Mediators’ Group


Since the Court Mediation Practicum Program ended over a year ago, I’ve heard from so many new mediators seeking practice opportunities. Colleagues tell me that they are receiving more and more emails and “cold calls” asking for mentoring opportunities, tips on finding co-mediators, etc.  The sheer volume of requests led me to wonder if there was sufficient interest to bring together a New Mediators’ Group to work together to solve the challenges of getting experience as a new mediator. Fortunately, my fellow board members at CoRe Conflict Resolution Society saw this idea as fitting nicely into CoRe’s mandate. As a result, CoRe will be hosting a New Mediators Group Planning Meeting on April 12th, 6:30-8:30pm at KPMG.

If you’re a new mediator, join me and my CoRe colleagues to discuss the topics, approaches and even meeting times and locations that are best for you. We’re considering:

  • topics (and speakers) related to business development
  • identification of market opportunities
  • perhaps hosting role playing opportunities to keep skills sharp
  • bringing in experienced mentors who can speak about mentoring models (to help new mediators in their discussions with possible mentors)

We are also planning to reach out to colleagues that we know have mentoring expertise to discuss ways that we can share best mentoring practices to make it easier for new mentors to offer their help.

Join us to add your ideas to the mix!

The first meeting is scheduled to follow CoRe’s regular Speaker Series event. Patricia Lalonde will present on Financial Mediation, 4:30-6:00.  To join this session, please come to the 11th floor, 777 Dunsmuir Street.

PLEASE NOTE: If you will arrive after the Financial Mediation presentation, please RSVP to ensure you’re able to access the building after hours. Email

There is no charge to participate in this group. We encourage participants to consider becoming members of CoRe, but it is not a prerequisite to participation.

We also encourage potential MENTORS to get in touch with us to discuss your availabilty to attend a future meeting.


About corejolts

CoRe Jolts is written by Sharon Sutherland, mediator, lawyer and Vice President of the CoRe Conflict Resolution Clinic. CoRe Jolts is a fundraising project for the CoRe Conflict Resolution Society, a registered charity.
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