Principal Sharon Sutherland provides mediation services in many subject areas including court-based, community and child protection.  Sharon works with clients to design appropriate processes to suit their specific needs.  This might include speedy timelines, ensuring support for better communication, working with clients to design culturally inclusive processes, utilizing technology to address distance or relationship challenges, or any of a variety of other means of tailoring the process to the participants’ needs.

Specialized Process Skills 

Sharon has specialized mediation skills in:

  • Online mediation (across a wide range of platforms)
  • Large group mediations
  • Self-Represented Litigants
  • Process design to ensure participation and comfort
  • Process design for cultural inclusion
  • Theatre tools for mediation and facilitation

Subject Area Knowledge

In addition to her mediation practice, Sharon has taught Contracts, Torts, Legal Ethics and Professionalism, Mediation Advocacy, Law and Theatre, and Child Protection Law at UBC Faculty of Law.  She has considerable personal experience and knowledge of theatre; community and competitive sports, sport clubs and associations; and not-for-profit organizations.  She has worked with a variety of volunteer-based programs to assist in problem-solving and mediating ongoing disputes.  Sharon’s many years of Small Claims and CoRe Clinic mentoring have given her the opportunity to gain considerable experience in residential construction disputes, personal property matters, and strata property issues.

BC Mediator Roster Bios available:

Mentoring and Co-Mediation

As an experienced mediation mentor, Sharon enjoys co-mediating with other mediators to support their career development (and vary her own experiences).  If you are developing a mediation practice and may be considering seeking a mentor or co-mediator for a specific matter, you can contact Sharon at


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